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Breach of Contract

If you are planning to sue for breach of contract, or you are being accused of breach of contract, you need a seasoned attorney by your side. As your contract lawyer, we are ready to help you find a path to resolution. Contact our law offices today for a free 30-minute Consultation.

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Breach of Contract Lawsuits

When one or more parties to a contract fail to live up to their obligations, without just reason, a breach of contract has occurred. If any informal attempts at resolution have failed, as they often do, we are here to make sure the situation is handled. Regardless of which side you are on, we will defend you through alternative dispute resolution and civil litigation if necessary. As civil law attorneys, we will carefully review your contract so that each party’s role is clearly defined and we will determine whether or not a breach has occurred. We counsel clients regarding every aspect of breach of contract disputes, including the following:

  • Partial breach
  • Actual breach
  • Material breach
  • Minor breach
  • Anticipatory breach

We can evaluate your contract for validity and review your claim and together we will decide what the proper path is to move forward and quickly resolve your situation. As seasoned civil law attorneys, we are experienced at finding effective alternative solutions to litigation. If your case can be resolved out of court, we will make sure it happens swiftly to save you time and money.

Breach of Contract Remedies

Breach of contract cases can be overwhelming and contentious. Working with an attorney when you are involved in a breach of contract situation will greatly increase your chances that you can recoup what you are rightfully owed, whether that is monetary compensation or a completion of the performance promised in the contract. There are a few different remedies when it comes to breach of contract cases, such as:

Compensatory damages - Money that reimburses the nonbreaching party for their loss.

Consequential damages - These damages reimburse the innocent party from any indirect costs that resulted from the breach of contract. Consequential damages could include loss of profits that occurred due to the breach.

Breach of Contract Attorney Los AngelesLiquidated damages - Damages that are detailed in the contract in the event a fraud occurred.

Attorney fees and costs - These are awarded if detailed in the contract ahead of time.

Punitive damages - Not as common in breach of contract cases. These damages are intended to punish the guilty party if there was offensive or egregious behavior.

We will make sure you get the damages you deserve. If you have questions about a contract or think you are a victim of a breach of contract, call our office today to schedule a consultation.

Breach of Contract Attorney

Our goal is to find the best strategy for your case under the letter of the law. Hiring an experienced contract lawyer to draft and review any future contracts will help prevent any breaches in the future. Every contract situation is unique, and we will always give your case the individual attention that it deserves. Please contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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The Law Offices of Carolyn C. Phillips provides breach of contract legal services in Los Angeles, Ventura County, San Fernando Valley and all surrounding areas.

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